Harvard University Research Confirms:

The Controversial “Reverse Polarity” Trick
To Manifesting Unlimited Happiness
And Ultimate Wealth

Everything You’ve Ever Been Told About Manifesting The
Life of Your Dreams Just Got Turned On Its Head
By The Latest Neuro Research From Harvard University.

Take a look at these two pieces of metal.

They look common and ordinary, don’t they?

In just a moment I’m going to prove that they’re far from ordinary.

And the reason why - is the same reason
that you... are far from ordinary.

Even if you don’t feel that truth right now.

Even if manifesting abundance... has felt like you’re chasing the wind.

Even if you feel mired in scarcity...

Even if your life just seems to push abundance AWAY.

You see, the secret power in these two pieces of metal... actually resides in your brain right now... as a scientific fact.

Embedded in your brain... is the power to transform
your life from scarcity to abundance with
phenomenal speed.

Now, I didn’t say this power is “inside your mind”... which is what most manifestation gurus will say.

That’s because this secret power is inside your physical brain.

This power is an actual physical force, not a “mental one.”

I’ll demonstrate.

See, these two pieces of metal... are magnetized.

And each end has a specific polarity.

When the polarity of each magnet is misaligned... they push away from each other with incredible force.

But... when the polarity is flipped... they attract each other with a power that can’t be stopped.

Likewise, your brain operates based on electromagnetic brainwaves.

And... if the forces aren’t properly aligned...

Your brain will be pushing abundance AWAY from you with a power that, though you’ve tried, you simply cannot overcome.

And the things that misalign your brainwaves....

Like stress and fatigue... and sorrow and loss... not to mention pain and trauma...

All are working against you AND your innermost dreams and desires.

This is a physical force inside your brain.

Now... thanks to groundbreaking research from Harvard7...

It’s finally possible to flip this switch...

And create the polarity of ATTRACTION...

Aligning your brainwaves just like the magnets...

Manifesting anything you’ve ever wanted to invite in.

Love... wealth... beauty... health.

You name it.

I’ll explain the Harvard research7 behind this manifestation magnetism... in just a minute.

Hi, my name’s David...

And if I used my real last name, you’d instantly hate me... and my family would sue me.

So hit “pause” on despising me for the next 3 minutes...

Because I have something to share that could totally explode not only your bank account but unlock the life... you’ve always dreamed of.

Born into obscene wealth...

Without working a single day in my life.

And if you’ve struggled to manifest the life of your dreams...

With enough money, with all the freedom to pursue what matters to you, and without feeling

the burden of the world on your shoulders...

I get... 100%... how you’d resent who I USED TO BE. 

I was able to DO ANYTHING I wanted... without giving it a second thought.

But there was ONE thing I DIDN’T have...

And it led to a spectacular downfall.

Where everything I had ever had...

Was suddenly... and violently... ripped away from me.

I was one step away from living on the street.

I became crippled by shame, regret, and self-loathing...

I’ll share with you what that ONE THING was... and how it led to my humiliating plunge into scarcity... in just a minute.

But I’ll also share exactly how one Harvard-discovered7, neurological trick completely restored my fortunes...

And allowed me to manifest the true life of my dreams...

And it put my old life... to absolute shame.

Trust me... this isn’t one of those typical “Rags to Riches” stories.

This is Riches... to Rags... to Riches.

See, it wasn’t until I lost everything...

That I figured out how to get it all back, with dividends... after I discovered some Harvard neurological research7 that I’ll reveal to you in just a minute.

This groundbreaking approach reversed my fortunes... in a way that... honestly... ANYONE could duplicate.

Now, you might be thinking,

“Sure, you had rich friends that
helped you bounce back.”

“But... I wasn’t born a ‘trust-fund baby’!
I work two jobs just to make ends meet.”

I get it.... I completely understand.

That’s why it’s important to know that after my fall... my friends and family had nothing to do with me...

I spent a full 5 years... barely scraping by... I lived in my car.

During those 5 years, I desperately tried everything to escape the scarcity I was chained to... with zero luck.

Which is why right now...

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s hope to manifest the life you’ve been yearning for...

I must yell from the rooftops an emphatic YES!

I’m talking about indestructible happiness,
bliss, and contentment.

Not just having... but truly ENJOYING... breathtaking homes...

The exotic car you’ve always dreamt of...

And finally getting to visit travel destinations that always felt way too unrealistic.

Imagine having the time freedom to do whatever you want... when you want... AND having the loving relationships to enjoy that life with.

Can you taste THAT life?

But here’s the thing...

What I discovered...

Goes 100% contrary to EVERYTHING manifestation gurus and “law of attraction” experts would tell you.

But... like I said, these Harvard
Professors8, 9...

Plus DOZENS of scientific studies CONFIRM... beyond a shadow of a doubt...

That the one secret I’m about to reveal...

Not only WORKS...

But CAN work for... ANYONE.

I know it sounds counterintuitive...

Even controversial...

I get it.

And the one percenters... like my family... and their friends...

Do NOT want this secret to get out... because it threatens their stranglehold on “the good life.”

They don’t want you to learn how to “flip the script” on scarcity and “magnetize your brain” to manifest abundance...

After my downfall, it took me EIGHT long years of wandering in scarcity and depression...

Searching for this ONE “key.”
It wasn’t until the Universe saw that I was ready for it.
I’m convinced that if you’re watching this right now...

That God... the Universe... Angels... or whatever higher power you regard...

Has SEEN your struggle... has HEARD your prayers...

And has determined...

That you’re ready to reverse your fortunes...

Trading scarcity for abundance, once and for all...

Allowing you to manifest the life of your dreams...

Faster than you ever thought possible.

In fact, here’s my promise to you.

Since I believe “The Universe” is “in” on our meeting here today...

I promise you that you’ll receive a signal TODAY that you’re on the right path...

It will be a definitive sign that a new window of
happiness and abundance is opening up to you.

And... it will happen within 8 hours of watching this presentation.

More on this sign... and all the amazing details in just a minute...

First though, let’s backup for a moment.

Like I said... I was born into unimaginable wealth.

Until it all vanished in a matter of just 8 days as 3 catastrophes hit my life.

At the time, I thought my life was ending.

But in truth, it was just beginning.

The first catastrophe...

Was a phone call from my father.

He told me it was time to grow up and make my own way in the world...

And that he was cutting off ALL my funding.

I didn’t take him seriously...

Until later that night when I went to pay for dinner and drinks with friends at a trendy nightclub in Manhattan.

I was mortified when every single card was declined.

The next morning, catastrophe #2 hit.

My lease payment was due.

Now, this used to happen automatically.

But... not anymore.

I sat with my head in my hands looking at the notice.

The bill was $13,995... that I didn’t have.

So, I moved out with a couple suitcases to a friend’s apartment.

On the 8th day the 3rd catastrophe struck.

My buddy told me it was time to move on.

Then, when I went to lean on my so-called friends... they were nowhere to be found... now that my money had dried up.

The only thing I had left were my 2 suitcases...

And a 10-year-old car a friend gave me out of pity.

I was alone... with nowhere to live... no income... no job... and no friends...

But... thank God... my story doesn’t end there.

I pretty much hit rock bottom for the next 7 years.

I had no education, no training, no salable skills.

I didn’t have a shred of business sense.

But... at least I had a car.

So, to make some money... I started driving for Uber... figuring I’d find a way back to living the high life in no time.

For years, I drowned in scarcity... while trying to drown out my pain with the bottle.

Shame filled my days and my nights.

At one point I decided to DO SOMETHING about my life of scarcity and poverty.

I bought a popular book on manifesting abundance.

I read it through... applied what the guru author said.

But... it was a dud.

Next... I tried the Law of Attraction.

But again... it simply didn’t work.

I later found out it doesn't work for the VAST majority of people who try it.

Everything I tried just left me with more shame of failure and scarcity.

I was desperate.

I remember one night crying myself to sleep... begging the Universe to send me something... a sign... ANYTHING...

That things could change.

And what was truly miraculous...

The sign I prayed for... showed up 8 hours later.

More on that in a sec...

See, I’d started attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting several months before.

I figured I would never do anything positive if I had the albatross of alcohol hanging around my neck.

The morning after I prayed for a sign, a new visitor showed up to our meeting...

He wasn’t arrogant... but he had a mysterious confidence I simply couldn’t ignore.

After the meeting... as everyone was crowding the coffee counter...

“Jeff” walked up to me.

He said, "David, can I buy you a cup of coffee?

I almost said “NO”... because my life was so full of shame.

And Jeff... clearly had his life together.

What would he want to do with me?

Once we were seated in the coffee shop...

Jeff looked me in the eye and said, "Look, I know your family... I know your story."

Instantly I felt defensive, my inner shame igniting like wildfire.

“To be honest, your story mirrors mine... well, at least part of it does.”

“I wasn’t born a 1 Percenter... but... I’ve become one...

... After living in my car and driving for Uber for a couple years. Sound familiar?”

“WTF????” I thought to myself.

How did he... KNOW???

Not just that he knew my story...

But that he had somehow changed HIS.

“First, let’s start with some common ground, ok?” Jeff said.

“So, you know what limiting beliefs are, right?”

“Of course. Every manifestation guru in the world talks about those,” I replied.

“And they’re right to talk about them... a lot.

But... what just about every manifestation guru gets wrong,” Jeff continued,

“Is just how permanent they are in the wiring in our brains.”

You see, “beliefs” are wired into our brains with magnetic impulses called neurons.1, 2

And the limiting beliefs we’re talking about -
are the stories you believe about yourself...

About your identity... your worthiness to achieve success and abundance...

And whether you truly have the capacity to live a life full of joy and happiness.

These stories were hardwired into your brain beginning at birth.

Parents... teachers... peers... coaches... other family members... the media... culture... all contribute to these stories.

They become the preset magnetic “tracks” of our limiting beliefs.

Scientists call them “neural pathways.”3

With repetition, these neural pathways basically become permanent inside your brain.

Neuroscientists report that between 95-99% of these thoughts and feelings... are forming OUTSIDE your conscious control.4, 5

And so for you, David... scarcity... and unhappiness... has become hardwired as part of your brain’s magnetic resonance.

This subconscious magnetic resonance... is controlling ALL your limiting beliefs.

“Allow me to demonstrate,” Jeff continued.

He pulled two pieces of metal out of his jacket pocket.

"I'm sure you remember this ‘magnet lesson’ from school?”

“When two magnets aren’t aligned, they "repel" each other...

You simply cannot get the magnets to come together.”

“But once you reverse the polarity...”

“The attraction becomes inevitable...”

“There's almost nothing that can keep them apart.”

He turned one magnet around 180°... and they zoomed toward each other and "stuck" with a satisfying thwack.

“This is your life right now... “He said, turning the magnets around again so they were repelling each other.

“You're living in scarcity... in EVERY area of your life...

You BELIEVE that nothing will EVER change... even if you tell yourself something different.

That’s because your brain is magnetically attracting scarcity... and pushing abundance away.”

You see...

Limiting beliefs are encoded with something called Magnetic Resonance....

And it can either be Positive.... Or it can be Negative...

Just like 2 misaligned magnets.

Your brain... has become magnetized to scarcity.

Limiting beliefs... especially when you hold onto them for years and years...

Get hardwired into our brains with what neurologists call neural pathways.

Because these neural pathways are electro-magnetically charged, your brain actually produces its own electro-magnetic field.6

This was proven by a British scientist named James Maxwell in 1873.

So... think of these magnetically charged neural pathways as forming a type of “magnetic resonance”... inside your brain.

It’s an actual forcefield.

Now, this magnetic resonance can either be Positive....

Where the life you want are drawn to you...

Or it can be Negative...

Where you’re actually REPELLING what is it you truly want.

Just like 2 misaligned magnets.


Right now, your beliefs are hardwired to form a “negative magnetic resonance” inside your brain.

Essentially, your brain...is repelling abundance...

And has become magnetized to scarcity.

Jeff was making all the sense in the world... but then, he hit me with something I did NOT expect.

"David... I know you think that your problem is money.

But... can you feel this truth...

You will never be happy with money...
until you learn to be happy without it.

And the reason you’re not happy... is because your brain... is pushing that away too.”

His words stung... but inside, I knew they were true.

But then... the knife cut even deeper.

“Honestly, haven’t you ALWAYS been living in scarcity?”

“Even when you were rich and had everything you wanted...

You weren't truly happy... were you?

“Even with the cars, the girls, the money, the homes, and all the vacations...

There was STILL an emptiness inside... am I right???”

His eyes... AND his words... were like lasers... boring straight into my soul.

I put my head in my hands... and just cried right there in the coffee shop.

Somehow, I knew he held no judgment for me.

Plus, he was right...

Even with abundant possessions... there was no abundance of happiness INSIDE.

Unless I solved my happiness problem... I’d be as miserable as I was right now.

And as I thought about it... it made sense.

I knew GOBS of obscenely rich... and terribly unhappy people in my former circle...

But not very many rich AND truly happy people.

And it dawned on me... the reverse was true... I’d met tons of people who were truly happy... but nowhere close to rich.

My local AA group was proof of that.

"David, right now... what you're missing... is happiness, not money.”

I wanted Jeff to be wrong... but he wasn’t.

I'd seen both sides of wealth... and without true, lasting happiness deep inside...

All the money in the world... meant nothing.

And ultimately what I wanted... was to be happy.

To wake up every morning with a smile... happy to be alive...

Comfortable in my own skin...

To be completely free of fear... doubt... and the shame of failure.

To laugh at “hard times” - because the happiness inside... is indestructible.

One of my limiting beliefs was that having money equaled happiness.

But deep down, I knew that was flat-out wrong.

“Wait a minute,” I argued. “You just said this magnetic resonance is permanent.

But earlier... you said you USED to be like me!

How did you change?”

“Best question you’ve asked today, David.” Jeff replied.

“Like you, I’d tried everything: affirmations, vision boards, meditation, The Law of Attraction, you name it.

The problem... is all that stuff... can’t change the Negative Resonance... where your limiting beliefs live.

But here’s the secret... it's far easier to change your limiting beliefs... than all those gurus know.

If word got out how easy it was... all those gurus would be out of a job in like 2 seconds!”

“EASY????” I looked at him like he was crazy. “What are you talking about?”

“Back to the science experiment,” He said excitedly, taking the magnets back out.

“What if changing your “Negative Resonance”...

He turned one around... and they SMACKED back together.
“Just. Like. That...
Would you be interested?”
“Ya... that sounds like “vibrational” woo-woo nonsense.

Like I said, I already tried that,” I retorted.

“This isn’t woo-woo nonsense.” Jeff replied. “It’s neuroscience.”

He then pulled out a pair of headphones and plugged them into his smartphone.

“Here... put these on and listen for a few moments... and if you don’t mind...

Close your eyes.”

Skeptical, but curious... I complied.

He pressed play.

When he did, I heard something I’d never heard before.

It was a strange tone... surrounded by wind and waves...

And faint whispers.

Within 1 minute, I felt something shift.

It was slight... but it was one of the most powerful experiences I’d ever had.

I immediately felt a sense of peace.

There was a new sense of possibility... and something I hadn’t felt for a long time:

Hope... and a momentary brush with happiness.

Taking the headphones off...

I said...


“That’s called the polarity shift.”

“What are you talking about?”

“That sound... just shifted the polarity in your brain.”

“See, your brain operates within magnetic frequencies.

And like I said, the magnetic frequencies in your brain...

Have been in set into a polarity of scarcity.

“What you just listened to...

REVERSED that polarity.”

“That fast?” I objected.

“That fast.” Jeff replied.

You see, in order to change your limiting beliefs...

You can EITHER...

Go through hours upon days upon weeks upon months of meditation.

That’s what meditation masters do to enter a state where they can reprogram their beliefs.

You could do that... IF you wanted to become a monk.

Or... you can experience the polarity shift...

Where you simply let your headphones...

Change your limiting beliefs... for you.

Like I said, it couldn’t be easier.

You see this is the missing piece to all that manifestation mindset stuff.

Your brain’s polarity can be reset... using the power of sound...

To literally destroy the old limiting beliefs...

And create NEW empowering beliefs...

But... David...

There's a big big big catch...

And this is something every single “manifestation” program I’ve ever seen gets 100% wrong:

You must address happiness first.

Jeff pulled out a couple TedTalk videos from Harvard professors8, 9.

We watched these Harvard Professors...

Completely debunk the “old” happiness code.

The one that goes...

Work hard...

Make money...

Then you'll be happy.

ALL the research coming out of Harvard... Demonstrates just the opposite.

And this has been confirmed by other leading neurological universities...

Happiness is the prerequisite for living
the life of your dreams... not money.

You see... it’s not until you learn to be happy... that making money becomes... effortless.

Happiness... amplifies EVERYTHING...

For example...

Don’t meals just taste better... when you’re happy rather than frustrated?

Don’t you enjoy beautiful sunsets MORE... when you’re already happy?

Happiness... makes everything EASIER...

Doesn’t work fly by... when you’re already happy and in a good mood...

And doesn’t crawl at a snail’s pace... when you’re in a bad mood?

See... what these Harvard professors8, 9 are proving in their research is this:

Happiness... just doesn’t crack the door to abundance...

It kicks the door in.

Happy people... make more money... do it faster... and find it more

Happy people have more abundant and fulfilling relationships.

Happy people... are healthier physically.

Happy people... achieve the life of their dreams... faster.

It’s the people who strive to make money... so they can be happy...

Who are the most miserable.

And that... David... is how I achieved what I have.

I learned “happy abundance” and then, “money” abundance came later.

Like I said, it’s one of the big reasons those manifestation programs work for almost no one.

We sat there in silence... as all this sunk in.

“So Jeff... how long did it take to discover how to be happy?” I asked.

“Well... using that tone on my phone... it took 3 weeks or so before I started noticing a true difference in my happiness.”

“How long before you manifested wealth?” I said, digging deeper.

“That took a bit longer - it was a year before I was making 6 figures...

Then... it was about 3 more years... before I became a millionaire.”

But... then an idea hit me like a lightning bolt...

And the question jumped out of my mouth...

“So... could you program happiness... AND wealth... at the same time?”

“Well...”, he replied with a distant look....

“Given the power of the polarity switch... there’s actually NO reason you couldn’t do both at the same time. I really don’t see why not.”

Together, Jeff and I set out to find a program that could flip the polarity switch to program both happiness... and wealth...

But we found nothing. We soon realized it was up to us to create it.

So, we started with the Harvard professors’ research8, 9 on happiness...

Then, we gathered the world’s most astute wealth manifesting knowledge...

And we learned from the world’s leading meditation masters.

Then, through Jeff’s connections, we consulted with leading audio experts... who understood how to use sound waves to neurologically flip the polarity switch.

And created a series of audios...

That we THOUGHT would be able to create happiness... and wealth...


Based on what we discovered in our research...

We created a 3-week program...

Jeff and I hired audio and meditation experts to create the most advanced manifestation program possible, all based on the latest neuroscience.

After a long process, we got the finished product back from our experts.

We immediately shared it with our closest friends, our AA groups, even some of our relatives.

We told them it would be a life-changing experience.

We emailed everyone their test copies and were so excited.

But then, the days ticked by... nobody called back at all.

Heck, they wouldn’t even pick up my call or return a text.

There was one exception, though.

Her name was Heather.

Heather wrote and said she felt cheated and that it was a complete waste of time.

At that point, we thought our project was a colossal failure.

After tossing and turning all night, full of anxious and depressing thoughts, something strange happened.

The universe then sent me a sign during my sleep.

There was something vital missing in the meditation scripts.

I woke up with a start knowing exactly what needed to change.

When I looked at the clock, it said, 8:08am.

Jeff and I re-wrote the scripts and frantically resent them out to everyone.

We begged them to give it another chance.

Then we held our breath.

Before we knew it, our phones were ringing off the hook.

Everyone was telling us how they had received a sign having to do with the number 8.

Some had gotten this manifestation breakthrough within 8 minutes of listening.

For others it was 8 hours, or 48 hours, or 18.

The longest was 8 days.

That’s when we knew we were onto something.

A week later, the messages were continuing to pour in.

“Jack” had manifested $8k in one week’s time, when it used to take two months of regular salary.

“Heather” manifested $799 in one phone call with a former client.

“Jamie” manifested $18,497 in the lottery by picking new numbers based on the sign they got.

Still others like “Taylor” and “Kris” were manifesting a sense of happiness they’d never experienced before.

Gone was the anxiety, depression, and heaviness they’d carried all their lives.

Soon, there was a chorus of voice... “You’ve got to share this with the world!” they demanded.

Jeff and I made a few more adjustments based on the feedback we got from everyone...

And we couldn’t be more thrilled to invite you to join the thousands who have now gotten their hands on this program...

And have utterly transformed their lives.

It's called "The NEW Happiness Code."

It’s the only manifestation program developed around the cutting-edge Harvard brain science and the Polarity Switch.

And it’s only available on this website right now... perhaps for a limited time.

Because... fair warning...

If The 1 Percenter Club... catches wind of this... they’ll do everything in their power to take this website down.

They don’t like the “Average Joe” having access to life-transforming information like this - they’d rather keep it all to themselves.

I cannot guarantee this information will be available tomorrow.

Which is why I encourage you to take action today.

Now... The NEW Happiness Code is our 3-week program...

Designed to transform your relationship with happiness and wealth...

At the same time... and do it faster than you ever thought possible.

Obviously, everyone's experience will be different... and everyone will experience different results based on different timelines.

But I do promise you will experience RESULTS.

After all... doesn’t everyone simply want to be... HAPPY?

And... more money... is always better than not having enough.

Here’s how our 3-Week Program works.

Week 1 is called

You’ll listen to this track every day for the first week.

This track will flip the switch on scarcity resonance... finally releasing you from the pressure of trying to CREATE abundance...

While freeing you from the belief that you’re not worthy of it.

ALIGNMENT automatically dissolves the limiting beliefs and stories that are currently PUSHING AWAY the life of your dreams.

It helps reset your brain to ABUNDANT RESONANCE.

You’ll finally be magnetized to endless possibility...

Not endless scarcity.

Your subconscious will FINALLY be aligned with the abundant life you deserve.

Remember my friend Mark?

Here’s what he said:

“ALIGNMENT was a game changer for me... and my company. Our leadership team has never been so powerfully aligned with a spirit of cooperation and collaboration. Our office is so much more positive and dare I say, happy, than it’s ever been. Plus our profits have doubled over the last 6 months, which meant everyone got a big fat raise.”

Week 2 is called

Imagine realizing...

That scarcity isn’t your destiny.

That you are fully capable of EXPANDING into your life of abundance.

And now... that’s not just a possibility...

But an inevitability.

When you finally flip the polarity switch to Abundant Resonance...

Expanding and growing in abundance becomes inevitable.

The magnetic resonance of abundance becomes even stronger.

Abundance becomes all there is.

Powerful, right?

That’s what happens when you’re no longer magnetized to the old stories of scarcity.

Remember Patrick from the park?

He spoke of the expansion he’s experienced since getting his hands on The New Happiness Code.

“I always thought money would make me happy, but more was never enough. The striving was depressing, and always left a bitter taste in my mouth. But I’m finally living my best life! I am actually enjoying everything in my life like never before. Plus, I’m actually making more money than ever. But who’s counting?”

Week 3 is called

Now that your mindset is magnetized to abundance...

You’re going to realize that your horizon... and your possibilities... are limitless.

But here’s a warning.

You see, your subconscious gets magnetized to either abundance or scarcity...

Based on the input you give it.

LIMITLESS becomes your “maintenance track.”

It helps flood your beliefs with how LIMITLESS you truly are.

That your new story of happiness, abundance, and prosperity have no limits.

You become a magnet for unlimited happiness and wealth.


No hard work... no crazy manifestation to try and conjure up...

Not extra programs to invest in...

Simply hit "Play" on your smartphone... and the breakthroughs continue forever.

Now I know that there are countless “manifestation products” out there.

I tried just about every single one of them.

None of them helped me manifest... well, anything... let alone happiness.

That’s because none of them are actual Harvard-backed neurological science.

None of them are based on how the brain ACTUALLY works...

Like The New Happiness Code.

Sadly, most of them are a money grab by so-called gurus who don’t truly know how to manifest anything... except how to get people to buy their manifestation programs.

Alternatively, you could invest in years’ worth of hypno-therapy... to try and erase limiting beliefs... and then program new abundant beliefs in their place.

Which is where the polarity switch comes in...

Because it reaches your subconscious limiting beliefs.

It’s able to shave months, if not years... off the time it takes to change negative resonance to abundance resonance.

Why take months or years to start living the life of your dreams... when it doesn’t have to?

With The New Happiness Code... simply set aside 18 minutes a day to find a quiet, relaxing place...

Put on your headphones and push play.

That’s it.

The polarity switch does the work for you.

Now... as for me... after considering EVERYTHING I’ve gone through...

I'm on a mission...

To help as many people as possible discover how to experience a NEW magnetic resonance.

Right now... we're flying under the radar.

It's unlikely that the 1%'ers are looking for sites... like this one.

They already have their money... even if they don't have happiness.

But eventually... they'll catch wind of it I'm sure.

And with how jealous they are of their wealth and power...

It’s only a matter of time before they try and pull this website offline.

I'm doing all I can to make sure that doesn't happen!

But... given the power they wield... they could succeed any day.

That’s why it’s essential that
you take action today.

We can’t let them win.

Which is why I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible flip the polarity switch as possible.

How many people are out there believing that life can never change?

How many men and women out there believe that abundance will NEVER be theirs?

It would be unethical to just sit on this life-changing information!

Patrick and Mark said this program is responsible for MILLIONS in new wealth, not to mention the happiness and contentment that’s now theirs.

They both insisted it would easily be worth $5,000... if not more.

But if you invest in yourself today, your investment won’t be anywhere close to that.

It won’t even be $500... which, when you think of the abundance you stand to gain... is a drop in the bucket.

Since my mission is to reach as many people like me... who understand just how frustrating and crippling scarcity truly is...

I’ve priced this as low as possible... to remove every possible barrier.

Today, when you choose to invest in yourself... your investment is only $39.

That’s enough to weed out the “freebie seekers” who won’t actually take action...

And it’s just enough to cover our expenses.

Ultimately... those who see the value... and potential...

Have told me this is the biggest no brainer - maybe ever.

If you’d like to experience the polarity switch for yourself...

And change your magnetic resonance from scarcity... to abundance...

By simply hitting “play” on your smartphone...

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Original Price
$412, $289, $100

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When you do...

You’ll be forwarded to a page where you’ll enter your information so you can get instant access to the members area.

And where you’ll be able to confirm everything you’re getting with your order today.

We’ve chosen the online platform called “Clickbank” to process transactions... simply because they offer “best in class” security. It’s military-grade.

So... since time is of the essence...

And... just in case the “one percenter” power-brokers get their way... and this isn't here tomorrow...

I want you to have everything I can possibly get into your hands to transform your life.

Which is why I'm including 3 amazing bonuses when you complete your order today.

You're going to love them.

The first bonus is called

It's the single most valuable track outside of The New Happiness Code program.

You see... research continues to pour in underlining how imperative it is to get amazing sleep...

If you want to live your very best life.

In fact, sleep researchers just won the Nobel Prize in science for their research into the importance of sleep

Nothing else primes you for the best sleep of your life...

Like the "The New Sleep Code."

Simply listen to this proprietary audio at least 24 minutes before your head hits the pillow...

And your mind, body... and brain will be 100% primed for the best sleep of your life.

This powerful audio is valued at $79 as a stand-alone product.

The second powerful bonus you'll find in the Member's Area...

is called
“The New Peace Code”

It's a powerful audio specifically designed to address and eliminate anxiety...

And replace it with blissful peace.

I'm not ashamed to admit that anxiety had always played on my worst fears...

Both when I was a "playboy" without a care in the world...

And especially when I was living paycheck to paycheck... as an Uber driver.

I worked with the top therapists, thanks to Jeff’s connections...

To create a magnetic resonance track specifically designed to address and eliminate anxiety simply by listening to an 18-minute audio track.

The result is stunning...

This will become your new best friend... and secret weapon!

This audio training is valued at $57...

But it’s yours 100% free when you complete your order today.

The third and final bonus that's yours today...

Is called
“The New Confidence Code.”

Back when I was living large on my family money...

I THOUGHT I was confident.

But honestly, it was false bravado.

It was an image I WANTED people to see...

I didn't FEEL that confidence deep in my soul...

So when my world came crashing down... I was an empty shell... my confidence at less than zero!

This magnetic resonance track is designed to help you discover and develop your own INNER confidence...

And not put on a "front"...

But live out the truth...

That you're amazing and have everything in the world to offer others.

This truly is the NEW Confidence Code.

No more "fake it til you make it BS"...

It's confidence from the inside OUT.

As a stand-alone product... it’s valued at $79.

But it’s yours free when you complete your order today.

Original Price
$412, $289, $100

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I want to address something right now.

It has to do with “parting” with your money...

Which can feel painful... especially when you feel like there's never enough to go around...

It’s how I felt during my Uber days.

But... I'm so confident that The NEW Happiness Code will do everything it says... and more...

Giving you a completely abundant and endless sense of happiness and joy...

And usher you into an unprecedented level of abundant wealth...

I simply want you to get it into your hands.

For that reason... I'm offering you a 100% no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee...

For a full 60 Days.

I call it the “Power of 8 Promise.”

What that means is this:

Within 8 hours of investing in yourself and The New Happiness Code...

I guarantee that the Universe will send you a “signal”... that you’re on the right path.

Perhaps it’s the repetition of the number “8” like it was for me...

Or maybe a different number... or some other kind alignment that you notice.

The Universe wants to make it clear to you... encourage you... that your Magnetic Resonance is aligning... just like magnets.

So... I’m giving the Universe 8 hours to give you your own indication of progress...

Then... I'm giving you a full 60 days to use the 3-week program... and to prove me right.

If you're not happy with your purchase...

Or if the Universe doesn’t give you a signal, then I do not want to keep a single dime of your money.

Or maybe you find you’re just not ready for flipping your abundance switch... which is 100% OK.

It took a while before the Universe saw that I was truly ready for the massive change The New Happiness Code brought about in my life.

All you have to do is email me and I'll get your refund processed within 24 hours...

No. Questions. Asked.

I’ll personally refund every penny immediately.

So... if you're ready to experience a complete transformation of

Your happiness...
Your wealth...
Your self-worth...
Your confidence...
Your peace...

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Right now... I want you to think about your decision... like that pair of magnets I mentioned earlier.

If you choose NOT to invest in yourself today...

And just hope things will get better...

Your brain will stay stuck in Negative Resonance...

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Knowing there’s no risk to you... that you’re covered by an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee for a full 60 days...

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Original Price
$412, $289, $100

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Now... for just a minute...

I'm going to invite you to close your eyes...

And forget everything you've heard about "happiness"...

Or what the path to abundance looks like.

And I want you to think about what you WANT.

So... what DO you want?

Do you want to be abundantly, unshakably happy?
Do you want to live a life of time and financial freedom?
Do you want to kiss anxiety goodbye...
And welcome peace and confidence into your life?

If that's what you want...

There's really no other option that makes sense...

Than to open yourself up to possibility...

With The New Happiness Code.

You will find yourself inexplicably happy...

Even if you get a surprise car repair bill.

Even if your doctor gives you "bad news."

Even if you owe more taxes than you thought.

Even if a tree falls on your house.

Here's why.

Your happiness...
will be based on what's INSIDE you...

Not on what happens OUTSIDE you.

And... because you’re already unshakably happy and joyful...

Making money to do the things you want to do...

Becomes effortless...

Without striving...

Without even trying...

Once you reverse the polarity inside your brain...

Your magnetic resonance gets turned ON...

To Magnetically attract the life you want...

And repel what you DON'T want.

Click the button below... and I’ll see you on the other side.

Original Price
$412, $289, $100

Now for only $39

So, you may have a few questions about The New Happiness code...

So let me cover some of them.

What’s the science behind
The New Happiness Code?

The New Happiness Code capitalizes the power of revolutionary neurological breakthroughs... pioneered by Harvard professors8, 9.

One is the research backed discovery that happiness is the foundation for wealth, not the other way around.

The other breakthrough is the “Polarity Switch”... the simple yet powerful neurological protocol that’s able to change the magnetic resonance of your brain from negativity to abundance using audio cues.

It’s truly 22nd Century technology... able to change limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs.

How can this program accomplish
so much in so little time?

This is ONLY possible by using the polarity switch... and capitalizing on magnetic resonance to talk to your subconscious mind.

The embedded meditations speak to your subconscious mind... rewriting old limiting beliefs lightning fast.

If I’ve tried other manifestation programs before...
and they didn’t work... how will this be different?

The reason is simple. You can only manifest what your subconscious has been programmed to. And since your subconscious drives at least 95% of your beliefs and behaviors, you simply cannot manifest a new and abundant reality until there’s new programming.

The New Happiness Code simply does this FOR you.

It reprograms your subconscious, whereas those other programs could never even access your subconscious.

The New Happiness Code is the only manifestation program developed around the cutting-edge brain science of the polarity switch.

So for the first time in your entire life...

It’s not only POSSIBLE to manifest abundance... but achieve the life of your dreams easier than you ever thought possible.

How is my investment protected?

You literally take zero-risk with The New Happiness Code. You have a full 60-day guarantee! If at any point during that 60-day period, you decide it’s not for you, you can return it for a full refund. Every penny. No hassle...not a single question.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

What will happen to all the other
manifestation material I’ve learned?

Well, right now, all that “learning” is part of what’s holding you back...until your subconscious mind is reprogrammed. Once you learn how to flip the switch...watch out!

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. Our site employs military-grade 256 bit encryption technologies with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) from trusted vendors like Verisign and Thawte to encrypt sensitive information. Think of it like the Fort Knox of web safety.

How soon should I expect results?

Every person is different...and every brain responds differently to The New Happiness Code. Some experience powerful results the very first moment they put their headphones on.

Others take some time. We ask that you use as directed: 18 minutes a day for 21 days before you fully evaluate your results.

Keep this in mind: the results become cumulative. The longer...and more consistently...you use The New Happiness Code, the more dramatic your results will be.

Original Price
$412, $289, $100

Now for only $39

Who this Product is FOR

ANYONE who wants to transform their life from one of scarcity to one of abundance... by utilizing the scientifically proven “Polarity Switch.”

ANYONE who’s tried the Law of Attraction... but was disappointed that it didn’t work as advertised.

ANYONE who understands the power of quickly and permanently changing mindset patterns using the latest brainwave technology.

Who this Product is NOT FOR

ANYONE who buys a product... but doesn’t commit to taking action... then complains and wants a refund because it “didn’t work.”

ANYONE who wants to continue to blame others for their lack of success.

ANYONE who isn’t ready to take responsibility for making their lives better.

ANYONE who isn’t ready to take consistent ACTION in self-improvement.

ANYONE who wants to stay stuck in scarcity.


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