The New Happiness Code Affiliate Tools

Get ready to help people manifest and attract wealth, health and relationship abundance by being Happy!

New Happiness Code works by using the latest brainwave entrainment technologies to help people reprogram their mind-sets for happiness and abundance.

This offer appeals especially well for Personal Development, Law of Attraction, Hypnosis and Brainwave-entrainment traffic. Send some test traffic and see watch the sales come in! Roll in as much as USD 94.32 in commissions for EACH SALE... from the front-end and 3x upsells.

Conversion rate of 2.8% and EPC of $1.14

Roy told me about his new PD offer that helps people to reprogram their mind-sets for Happiness and Abundance. We sent more than 3.8k clicks and we are happy with the front-end conversion rate of 2.8% and EPC of $1.14. Definitely a good offer to mail for to get good commissions.

Mark Ling
CEO of Unica Publications


  • Front End: The New Happiness Code - $39.00
    Full Set with 4 Bonuses
  • Up-sell 1: The Activator Code - $37.00
  • Up-sell 2: The New Ultimate Health Code - $37.00
  • Up-sell 3: The Ultimate Relationship Code - $37.00

The exact offer layout and price points have been tested to maximize conversions and profits for you.

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